Stating facts we already know. Incest is nicest.

Focusing on incestuous and semi-incestuous couples - canon or not - from live action TV, movies, and real life.

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When someone says, “but they’re related” on a fanart/vid/fic of an incestuous couple 


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A confession 

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"Game of Thrones Marathon" hosted by George R. R. Martin  (x

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"You can smell the flowers in her attic later!" 


In the episode of Faking It called, “Remember the Croquembouche,” there is a couple of fraternal twins introduced in the episode.


Their names are Petra & Pietra and viewers are led to believe at their introduction that Pietra (the brother) is gay and that his sister tags along as backup. However, on their respective dates, all the twins can talk about is each other and when Pietra’s date, Shane, drops something and goes to pick it up what does he see? The twins holding hands behind their backs!


Shane then pulls his best friend, Liam, who was chatting up Petra, away saying, ”You can smell the flowers in her attic later!”


Also worth noting, Bailey Buntain, who plays Lauren in Faking It, starred in Lifetime’s recently aired sequel to “Flowers in the Attic”, “Petals in the Wind,” as Carrie Dollanganger Sheffield.

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I want my sister!

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Dexter & Debra moments |S01Ep07

"They really found the Ice Truck Killer?"

I did.”

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Mei-mei, everything I have is right here.

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