Stating facts we already know. Incest is nicest.

Focusing on incestuous and semi-incestuous couples - canon or not - from live action TV, movies, and real life.

If you don't see your couple posted enough on this blog, leave their names in my askbox and I'll be sure to include them.

Four: Beginnings and Endings 


Part three of my bass-ackwards Debster analysis series.

Season four: of beginnings and endings

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something like a hero: Fanmix - You Don’t Have to Like Me to Love Me - Derek/Casey 1. Dressed... 



Fanmix - You Don’t Have to Like Me to Love Me - Derek/Casey

1. Dressed to Kill - New Found Glory / 2. When “You’re” Around - Motion City Soundtrack / 3. Married With Children - Oasis / 4. Cruel to Be Kind - Letters to Cleo / 5. Charm Attack - Leona Naess / 6. The Walk - Imogen Heap /…

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"Boone, don’t leave me alone, okay?"

"Boone, don’t leave me alone, okay?"

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34/500 | Nick Jonas


34/500 | Nick Jonas

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"Happy 4th of July, Sammy."

Happy Independence Day, and to all of my non-American followers, Happy Excuse for Wincest Day!

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lms if wincest grosses u out

bc it’s fucking SICK how devoted they are to one another and their cannon soulmate status makes u wanna VOMIT

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get to know me meme — [2/3] character relationships: Charlie and Miles

Kid, if I’m coming with you, you gotta dial it back a notch.

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Sur ta joue ennemie/Welcome Home 


Giza, blessed is she among anons, found a link to Sur ta joue ennemie with the original French audio and English subtitles!!!!!!!! You can download it here. (It’s on It’s an .mp4, 585 mb. (You can follow the “IT’S ONLY AVAILABLE IN RUSSIAN!” saga here, if you’re interested….

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